Gorgeous Tiny Home

Gorgeous Tiny Home / SDU Shell $97,500*
Fully Completed Interior + Exterior $199,500**

A one-of-kind design, and 14 large windows, 3 glass doors and two 4’ x 4’ skylights create a stunning looking exterior, and ensures that the interior of this home will be illuminated in a sea of natural sunlight and views that connect the inhabitants with nature and the great outdoors.

Exterior 2

Exterior 3

Version 3

Exterior 4

Version 4

Exterior 5

Version 3

Exterior 6

Version 3
Exterior 7 – Floating Home
Version 4
Exterior 8
Version 3

Exterior 9

Version 4

Exterior 10

Version 4

Exterior 11

Version 4

Exterior 12

Version 4

Exterior 13

Version 4

Exterior 14

Version 4

Exterior 15

Version 4

Exterior 16

Version 4

Exterior 17

Version 4

Optional Interior 1

Version 4

Optional Interior with 3 Bulkheads

Version 4

Optional Interior with 3 Beds Partially Lowered

Version 4

Optional Interior with 3 Beds Fully Lowered

Current Front Exterior

Current Front Exterior

Current Interior Facing Towards the Front

Facing Towards the Back

Current Interior Facing Towards the Back

Price Includes a Fully Completed Exterior + Interior

The exterior of this home is currently approximately 80% constructed. INCLUDED in the purchase price (and fully detailed in the Construction and Sale Agreement), the exterior and interior will be FULLY completed by the Seller.

Exterior completion includes sheathing the roof, enclosing the roof with a TPO roof system, and metal flashing, installing 14 operable Energy Star Certified windows and 3 glass doors, adding the tall center section facade, and then installing the siding with the materials (metal, wood, engineered and/or fiber cement), that the Purchaser has selected, in the color(s) that they choose.

You Can Buy With Total

As a safeguard and added measure of security for the Buyer, the Buyer’s money from the sale of the home does not go to the Seller, it goes to the seller’s law firm “In Trust”. And then, only gets disbursed to the Seller upon achievement of specific milestones that are clearly outlined in the Sale Agreement.

Numerous Possible Uses

Airbnb, accessory/secondary dwelling unit, cottage, vacation home, rental unit, home office, off-site office, granny flat, laneway home, multi-family home (live in one side and rent out the other), or stacked to create a duplex, hotel, or commercial complex.

Tiny Homes Are Now Legal
in Many Areas

Tiny homes, also known as accessory dwelling units (ADUs), secondary dwelling units (SDUs), granny flats, in-law units, and laneway homes can legally be located in many municipalities and counties in Ontario, Canada, and the US.

Especially now in Ontario (for example), with the precedent setting legislation that Grey County council passed last October — OPA 11, that includes a bylaw permitting the legal placement and use of tiny homes. And Ontario’s Bill 23.

As more and more provinces follow Ontario’s lead, and allow tiny homes, “it is now almost a right to have a tiny home on most properties.”

12+ Exteriors to Choose From

The photos displayed above show the current exterior and interior of the home, as well as an artist’s renderings of 12 different facades. The interior and exterior are fully customizable, and you get to choose the: (a) façade, (b) siding materials (wood, engineered / composite, fiber cement, and/or metal), and the (c) colors you want.

Large See-Through Windows

This unit was designed to have the interior feel open and spacious and connected to the outdoors. This has been accomplished by aligning the windows so that you can see through the front windows to the back windows and the outdoors; and see through the aligned windows at each end through the entire length of the home.

Make This Your DIY Project

Once this shell has the exterior completed by the Seller, the challenging exterior work will have been finished, and virtually all of the heavy lifting will have been done — making this tiny home shell perfect for anyone looking to DIY, and finish the interior themselves, or sub out the remaining interior work.

Multi-Functional Rooms

Our homes have been designed to allow you to add the optional feature of having multi-functional rooms. Where you can create a room on demand — a room that has the ability to appear when you want, and disappear when you no longer need it. This includes a bed that is stored in a bulkhead located in the living rooms ceiling, that at the touch of a button can be lowered or raised. Now the living room has the ability to be transformed into one or more bedrooms.

Want a Garage or More Space?

Our homes adapt to meet your needs, and have the ability to be an expandable home — a home that you can add more to later.

If you want more living, working, sleeping, and/or entertaining area, simply combine it with another tiny home (back to front, end to end, L-shaped, H-shaped, or stacked on top of or below another unit). Or add a rooftop deck to create a stunning entertainment and lounging area.


Built Indoors = Better Built

Our homes are built indoors (not outdoors in the home damaging elements of the environment that include rain and snow — that virtually all homes built outside experience). Building indoors in a more controlled environment also produces a better built, higher quality home than can be achieved building on-site outdoors (and having to deal with all of the elements of mother nature, and disturbing your neighbors with a lot of noise and trucks jamming the street).


Fire, Burglar, Hurricane and Earthquake Resistant Version

This optional model helps to protect you and your home from threatening climates and conditions.

Now you have the ability to turn your home into a fortress that can provide you with whatever degree of security you are looking for to protect your family and your possessions.


Permitting — We Can Obtain
the Necessary Permits

Live Large Homes can provide engineer-stamped drawings for structure and foundation, as well as floor plan, site plan, and energy calculations, etc., and work with city officials to obtain the necessary permits for your new home. You name it, and we’ll handle it.


Dimensions of this Tiny Home /
Secondary Dwelling Unit

40 FT. Long x 11 FT. Wide x 11.5 FT. Height = 400 SQ. FT.
Built to meet or exceed the building code.

*Prices start at $97,500.
**Prices start at $199,500
Does not include land, or site prep.
Plus HST. Delivery is extra.


Kitchen — Full-Sized

  • Custom cabinets w/soft close drawers
  • Quartz counter tops
  • Stainless steel undermount sink
  • Polished chrome pull-down faucet
  • Four burner induction cooktop
  • Built-in single wall convection oven
  • Range hood with exhaust

Bathroom — Full-Sized 3 Piece

  • Large vanity w/ quartz top
  • Rectangular vessel sink
  • Water-saving faucet
  • 48” x 36” walk-in shower
  • Water-saving shower head
  • Low-flow high efficiency toilet
  • Polished chrome accessories
  • Built-in storage
  • Washer/dryer hookup


  • Senville 12,000 BTU mini-split A/C unit, and heat pump (w/ mobile phone remote control)
  • HRV (heat recovery ventilator) system. To maintain optimal indoor air quality, it expels stale air from the home and uses the heat from the old air to warm the fresh air that it pulls in
  • Air purification — dual-phase air filtration system with ionizer
  • Central ceiling fan for airflow


  • 50 amp electric panel
  • LED lights (for low electrical draw), on dimmers
  • Exterior GCFI plugs


  • On-demand tankless water heater
  • Optional smart recirculating shower system (≈90% water + 80% energy savings)

Wall and ceiling cladding

  • 6” wide pine tongue and groove boards stained or painted any color
  • Low VOCs finishes


  • Water-resistant engineered hardwood floors (optional)


  • Walls: R-24 (R10 exterior rigid insulation + R-14 interior spray foam)
  • Roof: R-35 spray foam
  • Floors: R-35 spray foam

SIP Structure (optional)

SIPs (structural insulated panels) are a high-performance building system that consist of EPS foam insulation sandwiched between OSB sheathing.

SIP’s are much stronger than traditional stick-framed structures, and are also more air tight, energy efficient, and quicker to assemble.


Live Large Homes can provide engineer-stamped drawings for structure and foundation, as well as floor plan, site plan, and energy calculations, etc., and work with city officials to obtain the necessary permits for your new home. You name it, we’ll handle it.

Need a location for your new tiny home/SDU to be placed on? We know of available locations.
Financing available OAC.

*Some features are optional.

Life-Enhancing Oasis

This tiny home shell offers you affordability, enjoyability, versatility, adaptability, sustainability, expandability, and an exceptional connection with — and access to — nature and the great outdoors.